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My name is Bridgette Berry and I am an independent childcare health consultant located in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. My expertise is in 
child-care licensing requirements, current health and safety trends, and my access of health resources that promotes the enhancement of the child’s development can be an excellent asset and resource for your center. 

I understand that the accreditation process has set stringent standards, and that it requires hard work and dedication from you, your staff and outside resources to meet the rigorous guidelines that are set forth. My service can be used to help you succeed with this process because I will serve as your child care health consultant who will review and make recommendations of program health practices at your facility. 

This is one of the many components of accreditation standards listed under Health and Safety for which the Association for Early Learning Leaders, formerly known as National Association of Child Care Professionals, requires to be met before your program can obtain accreditation.  

I have all the knowledge and resources needed to help you gain the completion of this one particular standard, and I would be more then happy to assist you with getting one step closer to becoming the accredited child care center that you are working so hard to become. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future and I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Bridgette Berry, Independent Childcare Consultant

Heath Consultant for Childcare Centers

Provide up-to-date information on the latest guidelines, policies, and information regarding child health and safety.

Provide current Health & Safety Education Materials on specific 
“Hot Topics”

(Examples of “Hot Topics” include but are not limited to Proper Hand washing Procedures, The Flu. What Is It and How to Control It, and Health and Safety in the Child Care Setting)